Arrival at the pier of Komodo island meet your guide to welcome you to Komodo National Park, then in a while guide will accompanying you to the rangers to hearing briefing from ranger about hiking what will you do, as normally will accompanying by ranger to see Komodo dragon and other wild life as wild pigs, deer and tropical birds. Rangers always prepared stick as gun for challenge Komodo dragon when they come to attack you hiking will take round 1,5 hours to the open space tamarind forest, here the place normally Komodo dragon come to drink together with other animals in water hall, Komodo dragon have a chances to attack deer or wild pigs, then return to the pier then go on the wooden boat to visit Komodo village to see the people there how they can coexist with beast. Those people from Komodo village live from fishing, you can walk round the village. Afterward back to the boat for lunch is include then sail to pink beach for great explorer under water life swimming and snorkeling. Snorkeling equipment are include prepared on the boat. After enjoying snorkeling about 1,5 hour then back to the boat then sail to the pier get the tender onwards to cruise ship. End of tour