About Us

I amTheodorus was an experienced person to explore the lesser Sunda Islands, especially in the land of where i was born that is the island of Flores and Komodo Island because i have been a guide  handle tourists from the east till to the west island of Flores and i have been a guide from Lembata Island till  on the island of Lombok, or also from the  island of Lombok past the island of Sumbawa – Komodo Island Rinca then till to the east of  Flores Island and vicinity, since 1993 until now, i am also working on a travel agent as a staff working and weave the travel program to navigate the island of Flores and Komodo Island, Sumbawa and Lombok Island also i make quotation  for travel expenses tourist for groups and individuals. From the experiences of it , i want to try to do something that is very important for the brothers and sisters from all over  of the world come to enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Flores and komodo island and the surroundings small islands. The combination of the natural environment, the three colours lake of Kelimutu in Ende Regency, Rana Mese lakes  with endemic birds in east Manggarai regency and komodo dragon  only one in the world that is on the island of komodo, rinca island and its surroundings as well as the people  who came from various tribes, customs, traditional village as Bena, Belaraghi in Ngada Regency  and Wae Rebo village  to enjoy the natural beauty and traditional house is very unique in Manggarai Regency from the explorer of it  i see a lot of people exiled live in very remote areas, live in poverty because of its accessibility unaffordable uneducated and many people are willing to try to ruin the natural environment, therefore, i was present as a very concerned about the people who not able to, participate in maintaining the natural environment and also concerned about the education and three health so that i dream with the hope that i get the results of this activity, i promised to share it with people who need it ,i teach people to keep the natural environment well, helping schools that needs them as well, set up a small clinic in a remote village by imposing nature and natural functions of providing information to use herbal medicine if needed.

Thanks and enjoy your trip on Flores and Komodo